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Black Friday Deal!! 

Check out our Black Friday deal at Bandcamp!!!! 10% off any purchase through Sunday!!! I will also autograph all CD's and/or T-Shirts purchased during this time!!!



First live performance in almost 30 years! 

we're excited to announce that we will be performing at our next Album Release Party June 27, 2020. See the Facebook event page below for specifics!


To celebrate, I will be posting clips from the new album "Form Over Dysfunction" soon!



Happy Holidays Everyone!!! 

Void Contact wants to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!!!!! Whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be peaceful and joyous!!!!


And now, check out this cool trailer!!!!


Welcome to our blog!!!! 

Welcome to our new blog "Voice Contact" (I know - I couldn't resist the pun)! Stay tuned for new info and updates on all things Void Contact!