1. Plans

From the recording Secrets and Alibis

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Words and Music by David McHenry
Lead Vocals – David McHenry
Bass – Carter Scott
keyboards – David McHenry
Violins – Daniel Lee
Clarinet – Brittany Bandstra
Percussion – David McHenry
Mixed by Carter Scott


Verse 1
So I ran into God
Thought I would brag about all my plans
and he started to laugh
Said I was such a funny man
and then he walked away
Seems he had nothing more to say
Verse 2
Well, ain’t it a bitch
I thought I had done everything all right
How could I have known?
I guess I must seem such a funny sight
God, can you throw me a bone?
(or) Do I have to handle this alone?
Chorus 1
I was going to be a singer
I was going to be a movie star
But I ended up here
Well, so much for plans
Verse 3
So I went on my way
tried to follow through with my goals
I was sure I was right
sure that my plans didn’t have any holes
Time’s always slipping away
Before you know it, it’s a brand new day
Chorus 2
I was going to be famous
I was going to be a household name
But I ended up here
Well, so much for plans
Bridge (Instrumental)

Verse 4
So what about the future?
You think I would make that mistake again?
I’ve learned my lesson
Livin’ day-to-day – that’s the plan
Time may be slipping away
but I know I’m here for today
Chorus 3
I was going to be a rock star
I was going to take the world by storm
I was going to write a novel
I would never again be ignored
I was going to live forever
I was never going to be alone
But I ended up here….
Well, so much for plans