1. Let Me In

From the recording Form Over Dysfunction


Verse 1
I sit here staring at your folded arms
wishing you would let me in
they cross your heart to block out any prying eyes
If only I could prove my love
hoping you would let me in
then maybe you could see through my disguise
Verse 2
I see a room of empty stares
wishing they would let me in
small talk and empty promises fill the air
Daily wishes on a dotted line
designed not to let me in
barriers of ink and white-out to ensnare
Chorus 1
Staycations and hollow days
passing time in a number of ways
they'd hear my voice through the muddled din
if they just would let me in
I see the world from the outside
My deepest thoughts I will confide
Just a word to a desperate ear
wipes away all the doubt and fear
These broken feelings are wearing thin
The need for love is my only sin
Could you please just let me in?
Verse 3
Voices call out from a cold dark place
not sure if I will let them in
It’s easier not to give but to receive
If only I could take the first step
I wish I could just let them in
Solutions so simple yet so hard to believe
Chorus 2
Staycations and hollow days
passing time in a number of ways
Voices heard through the muddled din
wishing someone would just let them in