"Timeless music close to Electric Light Orchestra and Beatles dotted here and there with progressive keys!"”


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https://progcritique.com/ - The sound is huge, and the craftsmanship is more than noticeable, as much as the influences. We always think of ELO for the refined approach of melodies, and of Supertramp for this magic of compositions with progressive backings. 

myprogmusic  - In summary, this new album from the Americans of 'Void Contact' is very pleasant to listen to and brings us back to a pop of the 70s / 80s and 'Form over Dysfunction' is recommended to the general public because all the compositions are accessible at the premiere. listen...

Sam Webb (Fan) - It has that same feeling of listening to a symphony and knowing that, no matter how far out it gets, it’ll always come home to rest in that central underlying theme that ties all the music together. It’s no easy thing to accomplish when that center if authentic honesty and passion, but I certainly think you’ve done so my friend.

Prog Head   - ...the music of this band seems to flow like a river, gently caressing your soul. The prevailing vibe here is mellow, having a Deja Vu feel. All the compositions on CD ''Form Over Dysfunction' will definitely apply to those who grew up in the glorious time of 70's and/or 80's. Fancy a trip back.. 

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