1. Paralyzed

From the recording Form Over Dysfunction


Verse 1
Why am I so afraid?
The band begins to play
Time to dance
I take the stance
But, still I don’t move ....”What was the meter again?”
Verse 2
I must apologize
It would seem I’m paralyzed
feet won’t move
can’t find the groove
You go ahead. I’ll just stand here watching from the sidelines again
Chorus 1
I see you spinning and twirling around
though I sway to the beat, my feet won’t leave the ground
Still I lie to myself and say I will join you in the next round
Verse 3
The waltz has just begun
but is the battle won
in my head?
seems I’m stuck here instead
I was ready to jump in, but my confidence has fled
Chorus 2
In first position but can’t find the floor
I pirouette in place and I head for the door
No matter how many times this happens, I still come back for more
Verse 4
It seems the band is packing up
and the dancing ‘s finally stopped
I stand here
frozen in fear
and I tell myself: “Here I go again”
Chorus 3
I see you spinning and twirling around
I want to join in, but I’m pinned to the ground
Despite all attempts to change, it seems I’m still paralyzed