From the recording Secrets and Alibis

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Words and Music by David McHenry
Lead Vocals – David McHenry
Backing Vocals –David McHenry
Violins – Daniel Lee
Cellos – Kenneth Coca
Mixed by Ryan West


Verse 1
You see the storm is coming
but you don’t know just how to feel
It’s not too much to ask yourself
what this means to you
It all depends on what you do
Chorus 1
You see the writing on the wall
But is it the pride before the fall?

Verse 2
Sometimes you ask these questions
sometimes you struggle for some truth
The talking heads, they spout their lies
What can we hope to know?
Strong emotion in a blow by blow
Chorus 2
So, is it the writing on the wall?
Or just the pride before the fall?
Thoughts swirling around
Should you bury your head in the ground?
No truth to be found
No one knows a thing
Verse 3
Truth can be so elusive
Free speech – a double-edged sword
We’re in an age where facts devolve
into a world wide web of opinion
As we navigate the highway of misinformation
Chorus 3
Did someone edit the writing on the wall?
Is that their pride before the fall?