1. Segway

From the recording Secrets and Alibis

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Words and Music by David McHenry
Lead Vocals – David McHenry
keyboards – David McHenry
Mixed by Ryan West


Verse 1
I’m riding a Segway
around in the park
I’m riding a Segway
it’s well after dark
They told me it’s easy
“Just think about where you want to go”
Verse 2
I’m riding a Segway
It’s just going on its own
which way am I headed?
I just want to go home!
“You control your direction”
I believe that’s what someone said……
Close your eyes and lean forward
you’re going toward your death…..
Verse 3
I’m riding a Segway
and I’m all alone
No one to guide me
I’m so far from home
You can control your direction
At least that’s what someone said…..