From the recording Secrets and Alibis

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Words and Music by David McHenry
Lead Vocals – David McHenry, Amelia McHenry
Guitars – David Haynie
Bass – Marc Long
keyboards – David McHenry
Drums, Percussion – David McHenry
Mixed by Carter Scott


Verse 1
I know I leave the lights on
in every room I go
I know I talk too much
telling you what you don’t care to know
I interrupt you when you’re reading
I just seem to forget
I know I can be a nervous wreck
still you haven’t left me yet
Chorus 1
I know we don’t buy flowers too often maybe
and as for Valentines…..
If I want to know how much you love me
I Just read between the lines
Verse 2
I know I like to keep the house so hot
I always feel so cold
I hate it when the fan is on
and I guess that can get old
Chorus 2
I don’t say it enough now honey
It should come as no surprise
If you want to know how much I love you
Just read between the lines
Verse 3
Sure, we may drive each other crazy
we each have our own way
but I can think of nowhere else
that I would rather stay
Chorus 3
So when I’m always there for you
I would hope you can surmise
To know how much you mean to me?
Well, just read between the lines