From the recording Many Happy Returns

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Music and Lyrics by: David McHenry
Produced and Arranged by: Mark Horwitz and David McHenry
Keyboards: Mark Horwitz
Flute: Mark Horwitz
Guitar: Dale Russell
Percussion: Rich Adams
Violins\Violas: Arvel Bird
Cellos: john Catchings
Woodwinds: Jim Hoke
Vocals: David McHenry
Mixed by Dale Russell and David McHenry at Padded Cell Studios
Premastered by Ryan West at Swine Lab Studios


Verse 1
There it is again
that something in the air
And everywhere I go
people seem to know
They stop and stare
And still it seems so strange
that a feeling such as this
It’s so hard to explain
this lack of pain
What have I missed?
And late at night
while I’m used to a sleepless dread
these brand new thoughts they fill my head

Chorus 1
Confusion all around me
Oh it so astounds me
when happiness is just within my grasp!
Every time it comes my way
a voice deep within me says
that it’s just not meant to last
“There’s safety in the past”
I guess there is no other way
Verse 2
And still I won’t give up
No, there’s something to this blissful state
I’ve wished for this so long
Would it be so wrong to call it fate?
A skeptic, don’t you see?
Well, that’s what I’ve always been
ignoring my own heart
Maybe I should start to live again
And when I see her face my inner voices dare not make a sound
Could this be love that I have found?

Chorus 2
What’s this all around me?
Oh it so astounds me!
Happiness just within my grasp!
It’s finally come my way
I don’t know what to say
but I know it’s meant to last
No more living in the past
She crept in without a sound
and never fails to astound
Could this be love that I have found?