1. Good For You

From the recording Secrets and Alibis

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Words and Music by David McHenry
Lead Vocals – David McHenry
Backing Vocals – David McHenry, Amelia McHenry, Ray McHenry
Guitars – David Haynie, Ryan West, Carter Scott
Bass – Carter Scott
Drums – David McHenry
Mixed by Carter Scott


Verse 1
You know I see your posts each and every day
It seems you always have something new to say
You know I live to see your food
or read that you’re proud of your attitude
Chorus 1
You’re so quick to show the world just what you do
well good for you
good for you
Verse 2
You tell me you hate the Christians
You say you hate the Jews
You’re so quick to tell everyone that the Muslims are no use
Atheists will burn – they got no excuse
your memes so it seems border on abuse
Chorus 2
You have no doubt that what you say is true
Well good for you
good for you
So you wanna be the selfie queen
summing up yourself in a clever meme
Spilling your opinions like a can of beans
No one cares just what you think
Who do you think should be the president?
Which movie star do you think is heaven-sent?
Are you just fishing for a compliment?
Is your life that far down in the sink?
Verse 3
Republicans are vile. At least that’s what you say
Democrats you hate in each and every way
Yell at anyone who disagrees
vitriolic rants and the 9th degree
Chorus 3)
You can’t wait to tell the world that you’re red or blue
Well, good for you
good for you